Heavy Rains Disrupt Train Services in Northern Railways


Due to heavy rainfall affecting various parts of the region, the Northern Railways has been forced to cancel approximately 17 trains and divert around 12 others. The adverse weather conditions have led to waterlogging at several locations, prompting traffic suspension at four critical sections.

Heavy Rains Disrupt Train Services in Northern Railways
Heavy Rains Disrupt Train Services in Northern Railways

According to a spokesperson from the Northern Railways, the affected areas include the stretches between Noganwan (Ambala)-New Morinda, Nangal Dam-Anandpur Sahib, and Kiratpur Sahib-Bharatgarh. These sections have experienced significant waterlogging, necessitating precautionary measures to ensure the safety of train operations. As a result, a strict watch is being maintained to facilitate the safe movement of trains from the Delhi area, which has been heavily impacted by continuous rainfall.

To mitigate the effects of waterlogging, eight pumps have been activated at the Delhi-Sabzi Mandi area and the station’s trainable area. These pumps are actively working to remove excess water from the tracks, enabling the normal functioning of trains in the Delhi region. However, specific areas outside of Delhi have experienced disruptions, leading to the cancellation of several train services.

Among the cancelled trains are Firozpur Cantt Express, Amritsar Super Fast Express, Chandigarh Intercity Express, and Chandigarh to Amritsar Junction Express. Additionally, several trains have been diverted, including Mumbai Central-Amritsar Express, Amritsar Express, and Daulatpur Chowk Express. Passengers are advised to stay updated with the latest information and revised schedules provided by the Northern Railways.

As the Northern Railways works diligently to address the challenges posed by heavy rains, ensuring the safety and convenience of passengers remains a top priority. Efforts are ongoing to restore normalcy in train services and minimize any inconveniences caused by the adverse weather conditions.

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