Army Mobilizes Flood Relief Efforts in Punjab and Haryana


The Flood Relief columns of Western Command have been deployed to support the civil administration in Punjab and Haryana in rescue and evacuation operations in flood-affected areas. Following requisitions from both states, the Army has swiftly mobilized its resources to assist in the ongoing relief efforts.

Army Mobilizes Flood Relief Efforts in Punjab and Haryana
Army Mobilizes Flood Relief Efforts in Punjab and Haryana

According to an official spokesperson of the Western Command, flood relief reconnaissance parties were dispatched to assess the situation in the affected areas of Rupnagar, Mohali, and Panchkula. Based on their findings, the rescue teams, along with Army Engineer detachments, worked tirelessly throughout the night to evacuate stranded individuals and prevent the canals from breaching due to the rising floodwaters.

Thanks to these efforts, approximately 50 civilians and 910 students from Chitkara University, who were stranded by the floodwaters, were successfully evacuated to safe locations. Additionally, in Araji Sabran village of Ferozepur district, 44 individuals, including women and children, were rescued from the affected areas and relocated to secure places.

One notable achievement of the Army’s flood relief operations was the prevention of a breach in the Sirhind Canal. The troops of Army engineers played a crucial role in repairing the embankment, averting potential flooding in Doraha village and its vicinity.

The Army remains fully committed to providing assistance and support to alleviate the hardships faced by citizens in the flood-affected regions. Their efforts continue to mitigate the impact of the floods and ensure the safety and well-being of the affected communities.

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