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Xpert Times and Times of UP founded by two amazing people, Umesh Kaushik and Jitendra Kumar

Xpert Times isΒ  a news media company that covers all news founded by Jitendra Kumar. TIMES OF UP is a news media company founded by Umesh Kaushik. Creating an ambition with Xpert Times and Times of UP is the first priority of Music Producer Umesh Kaushik and Social Activist Jitendra Kumar. We all know that in some ways everyone has a good person, the inspiration we follow. Umesh and Jitendra really love the vibe of creating businesses but it is like a business life. According to Umesh Kaushik, β€œYou have to compare yourself with yourself”.


About Umesh Kaushik

Umesh Kaushik is popular for his music producing and writing and founder of two organizations. Umesh Kaushik is also verified on Facebook. Umesh Kaushik is very focused on his passion and his songs are really related and wonderfully written. He has written his book β€˜2 Stories: The Book By Umesh Kaushik’ and β€œBuild a Site on WP” which is available on amazon, flipkart and google book store. He composed many songs. He works with many new artists. Many of his tracks are on YouTube and are available on all music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Gaana, Wynk and others. His YouTube channel is Umesh Kaushik. Coming from a small City, it has been difficult for him to maintain a competitive edge here but he is a man who can handle things. He started his own news website β€˜TIMES OF UP’, He is the founder of TIMES OF UP. Umesh has started another one with Jitendra Kumar, the Xpert Times. Umesh Kaushik graduated from Babuji Convent School Jattari and R.K Inter College Raya. He is a graduate student at the University of Galgotias. He also received a lot of support from his family so sometimes when Umesh thought his level was getting better and aspiring to be better. Mesh has a positive view of the lack of resources in his hometown, saying, β€œI can’t cry for what I don’t have but I can use what I can’t.” From a middle-class family background, Umesh Kaushik picks him out of the negative thinking of people who don’t want to see growth. Mesh says of his life β€œNo one can stop you, If you decide to cross the road with imagination.” She loves the love of her parents and little sister. Umesh has told us that he has only one person who always supports him and always sees him as the right way to fight future dangers, his younger sister Himanshi Kaushik.

About Jitendra Kumar

Jitendra Kumar (born 10 October 1990) in Hathras Uttar Pradesh in India, Social Media and other internet networks have changed the lives of young Indians who think about their way of life and many young people are doing social work with the CEO of Times of UP and Founder. of Xpert Times. Jitendra Kumar has written a book name β€œMindset on Digital Marketing” with Umesh Kaushik. Jitendra Kumar is also verified on Facebook. There are a lot of young people who are very active on social media such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. The combination of these two camps is amazing and that is evidenced by the young community activist Jitendra Kumar, who hails from Hathras in Uttar Pradesh. He has a zealous and hard-working background and his sense of propriety guides him in all his actions. He lives in New Delhi with his wife, Anjali Singh, who graduated from P.C. Bagla Degree College, and further education; took him to Drs. B.R. University, Agra. Jitendra is interested in the difference between the lives of the poor and the needy and has now devoted his life to improving that standard. He is supported by a national team that has helped him build strong political connections and build a strong network that allows him to do more in the local community.



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