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Shlok Nair owner of okbronetwork founded cheating people

Shlok Nair, a pr partner of Youthistaan Media has swindled with its owner Shivam Bangwal. He used to buy pr on assumed conveyances for his forces to be reckoned with used to pay after work to Shivam.

Ensuing to having a huge aggregate as a development from Shivam, he was each day saying that I’m driving sibling I will pay in next several hours, I’m in clinical center assuming no one really minds, permit me few days, I’m having a cash I will move in morning absolutely.

Besides, in the end, when he was unable to pay all that then he let Shivam in on that might anything you desire to do, I will not pay even a singular penny.

This just as deluded with Mohammed Arif and scarcely additional social classes of pr industry.



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